1. Can I add a property listing for free?

Yes, listing a property is free for everyone. You just need to register and choose "Standard - Free of charge" as the plan. Paid plans are available from as little as ₱50 per month up to ₱200 per year. See benefit comparisons lower down thls page!

2. Can I just list a room I want to rent out?

Yes. You can list your room (or rooms) for rent on a daily basis, or you can choose to let them out monthly. Just select the appropriate category from the dropdown. The price you enter in PHP is for the nightly rate or monthly rent as the case may be.

3. What comes with a Sponsored property listing?

Your ad will be placed in the "Special Offers" super block! This is shown on every page of the site. You are able to display more information about your property including a meta description and key words, full listing description -plus a YouTube video. Your property listing is also highlighted in the search, and it uses a different template for decoration. The more people that notice your property, the faster you can sell it or rent it out.

4. Can I add a web listing for free?

Yes, listing a website is free for everyone. You just need to register and choose "Standard - Free of charge" as the plan. Paid website listing plans are avaliable from as little as ₱20 per month up to ₱75 per year. See benefit comparisons lower down thls page!

5. Can I change the default thumbnail?

Yes. Even those using free listings can do this. Just edit your listing and add the thumbnail of your choice. This will replace the default site thumbnail which we pull from the internet and automatically use for your website.

6. What is a Sponsored web listing?

This is an enhanced listing that's displayed in the Sponsored Listing block throughout the web directory, and in a highlighted sponsored block in the listings. You want to get your site noticed so as to increase your number of visitors. This is the best way to showcase your site.

7. What are Featured listings?

These listings are chosen by our site administrators. The listings are highlighted in the search results and use a special "featured" template for decoration. These listings stand out from the crowd. Other than that they are just like free listings.

8. How do I claim my website listing?

If somebody else has listed your website, you can claim control of the listing. Make sure you're logged in. Click on the site to bring it up full page. The click on the 'claim listing' button underneath on the left. Follow the instructions. If you still have trouble then please create a ticket and we will sort it out for you.

9. Can I list something not related to Boracay?

Yes. We allow listings for real estate or websites all over the world. List yours today!

10. Can only Agent members buy listing plans?

No. Ordinary members are fully able to purchase sponsored listing plans.

11. What are the benefits of registering as an agent?

When you register as an agent (or upgrade your membership), you will be able to post blog entries on Boracay Blue including videos and images. You will be listed as an agent on the members list. Your profile will be able to include extra information, including  your website address, phone number, biography, YouTube page, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts, company name, logo, business registration number and your Skype account.

12. Why do you have both free and paid plans?

It provides a wider choice. All our paid plans are available for token amounts so as many people as possible can take advantage of them. We charge this in order to cover the costs of maintaining the site.

13. How about if I just choose a free plan?

The default memberships and listings are all non-paid. We have designed everything to cater primarily for people choosing free plans. The paid plans are all just optional extras.

14. Boracay Blue or Boracay Listings?

What's the difference between Boracay Listings and Boracay Blue? They are sister sites. This site lists real estate as well as web sites, while Boracay Listings uses its Yellow Pages service to list venues.

15. I have another question. Where can I find answers?

If you have a question which is not answered by any of the above, please submit a ticket at our help desk


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